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Dynamic Aqua Technologies

About Dynamic Aqua Technologies

Dynamic Aqua Technologies offer a range of water treatment services companies in Southern Africa. Their focus is to improve operational and energy efficiency, increase the lifespan of equipment and reduce environmental impact.

The Project

As a young and ambitious start up business in a dynamic industrial niche, the goal was to develop a strong and impactful brand identity that would convey the brand message with clarity and a sense of restraint. The Progression team were also entrusted with the website design and development for the business.

The Outcome

The brand new identity for Dynamic Aqua Technologies draws on simple, clear and effective elements and iconography with a combined water droplet inspired monogram and word mark contained in two complete circles. The website follows the brand in it’s clean design approach with a bold colour palette combined with large emotive imagery depicting the various industries which Dynamic Aqua Technologies serve and environments in which they work.

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Dynamic Aqua Technologies - Progression Digital
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