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Turiya Endocrinology

About Turiya Endocrinology

In modern times we find ourselves plagued by chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, thyroid disease, cancer, fatigue syndromes, obesity, hypertension and other hormonal abnormalities.

At Dr Sundeep Ruder’s practice, he combines concrete evidence-based medical science with the abstract philosophy of the mind, thus giving you a holistic approach to improving well-being to fulfil your ideals in life.

Through appropriate, individualised medical tests and rigorous discussion in a teaching format his consultations offer an opportunity to gain a better understanding of one’s health and how to improve it.

The Project

The Progression Digital team were asked to develop a digital platform to provide patients and visitors with useful practice information and develop a knowledge base to share thought provoking content.

The Outcome

The old Turiya Endocrinology website was migrated from the Wix platform to a new design powered by the WordPress CMS (Content management system). With a dark theme and custom designed “blog” to power the knowledge base, the new website is a strong reflection of the practice and Dr Ruder’s unique approach to health, teaching and healing.

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