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Oryx IT Solutions

About Oryx IT Solutions

Oryx IT is a South African business that offers complete IT support services for small to medium sized and large businesses, looking to outsource their IT needs from managed IT support, IT security, outsourcing of help desk management to software and hardware supply.

The Project

The Progression Digital team partnered with Oryx IT Solutions to manage a complete overhaul of their old website. After consulting the management team and staff to better understand the business, we clarified the service offering and developed unique pages for each service. This involved designing a complimentary colour palette, completing all copy writing and editing and UX/UI design before moving forward with the website design and development process. 

The Outcome

The website design needed to convey the company’s professional approach to IT services and communicate their full service offering without cluttering each page with unnecessary technical jargon. Conveying a significant amount of content to a visitor can be challenging, especially on mobile, and so the new website was designed with a mobile first approach. The Oryx IT Solutions website is fully responsive for desktop, tablet and mobile devices, making it simple and intuitive to navigate on any device.

ClientOryx IT
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