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About Lifespire

Lifespire provides couples from around the world with tools to help make wedding planning simple and fun through a comprehensive set of interactive digital guides called Elements. The Elements can be purchased online and downloaded from the Lifespire website to be used during the planning process.

The Project

There are hundreds of blogs and a range of apps available to couples looking for guidance and inspiration for wedding planning and for most couples, hiring a wedding planner isn’t necessarily practical or viable. Lifespire takes a unique approach to wedding planning by providing couples with all the information, guidance and inspiration they need to bring their wedding day to life. The Progression Digital team partnered with Lifespire’s author and founder to design and develop a website that makes it easy for anyone to purchase and download a digital package containing their guides. Visitors are provided with a range of options and all the information required to make a purchase decision. The website also includes a blog with useful tips and interesting content that is published regularly.

The Outcome

The Lifespire website is a powerful digital platform built on the WordPress CMS that makes it easy for the Lifespire team to publish content and sell digital products. It provides the flexibility and agility to grow and evolve with the business over time. A number of built-in features also help to manage sales and download information as well as visitor and customer behaviour that can be used to design and launch new products.

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